Raising Daddy

(coming soon!)

Learning, Living, and Loving
Through the Adventures of Daddyhood


In the beginning it was years of infertility and IUI and IVF. 2.3 miracles later (we are in our 2nd trimester for kid # 3!!) I am still loving these #daddyhood adventures!!

If you've seen my fb feed (http://facebook.com/byau888), you know I love writing about my family and posting pics about my family. I have found parenting to be such an adventure and I have learned a lot about myself as a person.

Mostly, though, the posts people seem to enjoy the most are the ones where it is evident that my daughter "Big Sis" is smart as a whip and seems to be able to outwit me frequently.

Through the encouragement of more than a few to not only continue to write, but write more, I have on-again-off-again toyed with the thought of starting a daddy blog to give me an outlet to ..well, not only continue to write, but write more.

Time to get off the pot, RaisingDaddy.com coming soon!

p.s. Until I am able to "transition" the daddy and family blog posts here, you can check out a few at my current personal blog here:

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